Why NBA Best Bets Tonight Will Be Played?

nba best bets tonight

Why NBA Best Bets Tonight Will Be Played?

It is my contention that NBA Best bets tonight will be played. In the minds of many, this is a very prudent bet to make. Many a person I know who has made this wager is either right or wrong as many make the same mistake.

Let me define the best bet in NBA terms: The pick and roll. This is the single best play in the NBA, if you play it right.

These plays happen so fast you can’t stop and make up a popular line. The Best Bet today will depend on your opponent and the game pace you are playing.

Many times you may find that you are playing games where there are no real NBA best bets tonight. This is because they are basically not called best bets. If you are playing against very slow defense, chances are you have some luck but if you are playing the Spurs you may want to invest in the basketball books.

Another reason you may not see NBA best bets tonight is because of who you are playing. Some players are better than others at this play, and there is no way to tell until you actually see the play. Sometimes, after a night of drinking, these plays look very easy, and you just don’t take the time to study them.

Another reason why I think NBA Best bets tonight is a poor idea is because when the time comes and you do see a play in the box score that is a killer, you are too busy watching your bars and drinking to really take the time to study and evaluate a play. That means you miss out on a steal or two in the box score.

The bottom line is you need to consider a play like this when you are looking at the best bets for the night, or play. They are highly unpredictable, so you need to give yourself a little time to analyze and figure out if you have the brains or not to make a smart decision.